What a Cheap Designer Buys You
Published on: 06 Feb, 2021

I’ve been searching for the best cutting board for two years—but so far—it has proven to be an impossible task. 

While I am still determined to find the ultimate “unicorn of cutting boards”, I decided it was time to put an end to the immense suffering of my plates currently serving in that role.

So I went shopping!

I grabbed the first thing I found without paying too much attention to the details...Until much later, when I got home and took a closer look at the board... That's when I burst into laughter.
Poor design makes the user experience unbearable—or at the bare minimum—laughable. You don't want people to laugh at your product, unless you've intended them to. 

Hiring professionals with great experience and knowledge can be costly, but in the grand scheme of things, cutting corners to save pennies is much costlier.

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