Group 42: The Answer to Life, Universe & Naming Layers.
Published on: 23 September, 2023
"Life's too short." "If you have the time for it." "It's a waste of my precious time."

These are the countless excuses I hear people give to justify not naming their layers.

Frankly, it has gotten old.

The fact of the matter is, naming layers ultimately SAVES time; trying to figure out what "Group42" is DOESN'T.

I'll keep this brief.

Name your layers:
• You'll make your job easier when trying to understand the file you're working on.
• You'll avoid frustrating the developers you collaborate with by handing over a file that's organized and logical.
• Your ears won't ring from the constant complaints of others who have to work with your file.

Being organized is a discipline that's essential in every field. What strikes me as odd is when people think that "creative" work means they can be messy. Those stereotypes don't hold in a high-demand field. You're either running a business or you're expected to do top-notch work. Either way, we need to show more than just "creativity" to be taken seriously. This means proving we're punctual, organized, and less chaotic.

If you're often disorganized, it's time to take a step back and evaluate. We all have packed schedules and face challenges, but using that as an excuse won't cut it. Our work habits reflect our commitment and professionalism. Aim for organization and clarity, not just for your sake but for everyone involved. It's about respect and responsibility, not just time management.

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