The terms and conditions below, in addition to any additional provisions contained in specific contracts negotiated and executed between Shaghig Aguilian IE (“Contractor”) and any individual or entity (“Customer”) purchasing services from Contractor, shall define the contractual relationship between Contractor and Customer.

An initial payment of 100 percent of the total value of the contract is required to be received by Contractor prior to the commencement of any work.

Rights to any intellectual property created under any contract will remain the property of Contractor until such time as the full payment required under the contract has been received by Contractor.

Revisions that are beyond the scope of work as defined in the Contract signed by Contractor and Customer will be subject to additional fees according to level of effort involved based on a good faith evaluation by Contractor and agreed to in writing by Customer. In the event Contractor and Customer do not mutually agree to a cost for out-of-scope revisions, Contractor will not be responsible for the requested revisions, and Customer's obligations to pay Contractor for the original scope of work as defined in the payment terms will remain unchanged.

For transaction made in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, Customer is obligated to notify the Contractor prior to making the transaction for Contractor must provide an invoice in Armenian Dram.
According to the Laws of the Republic of Armenia, transactions in the territory of the Republic of Armenia must be carried out only in Armenian Dram. These restrictions do not apply to transactions made outside of the borders of the Republic of Armenia.

The terms and conditions of any agreement or contract resulting from this website shall be dictated by the terms of a mutually executed contract. Notwithstanding refund policies negotiated in individual contracts, all payments are final.

Delivery of all services are electronic.

Payment Processing:
All payments made in relation to services provided through this website by Contractor shall be made through Ameria bank's secure payment gateway. No credit/debit card information will be saved by Contractor through this website.

Conflict in Terms:
Any contract executed between Contractor and Customer shall be executed in both the Armenian and English languages, in two copies, which have equal juridical power. In case of conflicts between English and Armenian texts, preference is given to the Armenian text. In the case of conflicts between these Terms and Conditions and mutually executed contracts, preference is given to the mutually executed contract.