The terms and conditions below, in addition to any additional provisions contained in specific contracts negotiated and executed between Shaghig Aguilian IE (“Contractor”) and any individual or entity purchasing services from Contractor (“Customer”), shall define the contractual relationship between Contractor and Customer.

• Logo
• Business Card Template
• Brand Guidebook

Options & Revisions:
To design and present 2 logo options:
- The chosen logo option by Customer can go up to 2 round revisions.
- A Customer request to design a third logo option after a second round revision requested by Customer prompts a 30% increase to the original price.

• In case non of the proposed (2) logo options are not chosen: Contractor to present a third logo option based on the agreed upon guidelines determined as a result of further discussions between Contractor and Customer.
- A Customer request to design a third loo option disqualifies Customer from choosing one of the initially designed logo options. 
- The third logo option can go up to one round revision.
• A Customer request to initially design and present 3 logo options, prompts a 30% increase to the original price.
- The chosen logo option by Customer can go up to 2 round revisions.

• A Customer request to design and present further logo options, exceeding the number of options mentioned above, prompts changes in the terms of the Contract and shall be determined by Contractor and Customer.

Time Estimates:
• 3 weeks to design 2 logo options.
• 4 weeks to design 3 logo options.
• 48-72 hours to make revisions.
• 10 days to design a 3rd logo option.
• 3 days to design a business card template
• 1 week to prepare a Brand Guidebook.

Price Estimate:

An initial payment 100 percent of the total value of the Contract is required to be paid by Customer to Contractor prior to the commencement of any work.

Payment Processing:
• Mastercard
• Visa
Taxes and transaction fees are included in the total price.
Payments shall be made through Ameria bank's secure payment gateway. No credit/debit card information will be saved by Contractor.

All payments are final.